New Year means New Meeting!

Our next meeting will be on February 7th; the exact time has yet to be determined, but will likely be later in the afternoon (4:00). Please let me know if this time is generally convenient.

We will be reading John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell’s March. In addition to the slim(ish) volume, we will read and discuss Sheena C. Howard and Ronald Johnson II’s introduction to Black Comics: Politics of Race and Representation (the whole book is available through the UO library and Summit, but we will be providing a PDF through the email list later this week).



Return from the Dead!


Forgive our inexcusably long hiatus (attempted excuses: comprehensive exams, prospectuses, the terror of starting our dissertations). We’re back, and dedicated to being better bloggers. Call it a New Year’s resolution.

Despite the absence here, Comics Studies at the University of Oregon has been growing exponentially. In the past two years:

I hope this gives us a little leeway. Here’s to 2014!

Next Meeting: This Friday!

We’re please to announce a shared meeting with Mesa Verde this Friday, November 18th at 4:00PM in Rennie’s Landing. We met with Mesa Verde last year to discuss Moyasimon and had a fantastic time (Paul even skyped in, which was pretty swell). This year we’ll be reading two graphic novels, Mat Johnson’s Dark Rain and Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge. For that extra theoretical punch, we’ll also be reading Nancy Tuana’s “Viscous Porosity.”
See you there!

Do the Gods Wear Capes?

Another set of congratulations are in order: this summer Ben Saunders’ book, Do the Gods Wear Capes? Spirituality, Fantasy, and Superheroes was published in the UK and US by Continuum BooksSaunders is Associate Professor of English here at UO, curator of the Understanding Superheroes exhibit at the Schnitzer and the accompanying academic conference, the major figure behind the forthcoming Comics Minor here at UO, and an all-around swell guy.

The book itself is academically rigorous and imminently readable (not a common combination). It also has a kickin’ original Mike Allred cover. You can get the book through Amazon, but it is likely available through the campus Duck Store and several local bookshops. Congratulations to Professor Saunders on the new book!


A warm and hearty congratulations to our very own Kom Kunyosying!

On August 11, 2011, our own Kom successfully defended his dissertation “The Interrelation of Ethnicity, Iconicity and Form in American Comics.” The several of us who made it to the defense are sure to agree with me that Kom wasn’t just pass, he did so with style and grace. His presentation worked through a thoughtful and thorough  reading of Gene Yang’s American Born Chinese (which we will be reading for our pre-school September meeting; more details to follow).

Congrats, Kom! When you’re a famous comics scholar, we’ll use your name on all of our literature: UO Comics Reading Group: Dr. Kom Kunyosying was here!


(as a) GROUP!

We will be meeting to discuss Morales and Baker’s Truth: Red, White, and Black and Johnson and Pleece’s Incognegro this coming Friday, April 29th, from 2:30-4:30PM in 448 PLC. Feel free to drop by, even if you can’t make it right or 2:30 or stay the whole time.

Don’t forget Mat Johnson (who wrote Incognegro) will be visiting campus to discuss his novel Pym later this term!

Although, if we were really on the ball, we’d be reading the graphic adaptation of Kate and Wills’ romance in honor of the wedding. I think we missed the boat on that one.

It's a national holiday in the UK. A reading group is the least we could do.

Hey, Comics Scholars! Do you like free stuff?

And I mean the good stuff. Ian Gordon, author of Comics and Consumer Culture, has recently made the whole of the aforementioned book as well as many of his papers and chapters in other books, available for FREE! This is particularly great news as Comics and Consumer Culture has been out of print for quite a while now.

Material are available at Gordon’s site HERE.