Emerald City Comic Con

“The message that we send when we don’t represent the broader culture in our stories is that ‘You are other,'” said Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Marvel’s Captain Marvel title and Pretty Deadly at Image. “… As a community, as an organism, it is a thing that makes us ill. It is actually bad for us.”

-Jefferson M. Robbins “ECCC: Rucka, DeConnick, and More on How Comics can be More Inclusive” at CBR

I recommend you do not read the comments. I never seem to be able to stop myself, unfortunately. Emerald City Comic Con was this weekend, and it was crazy. Several great panels, including this one. I didn’t make it to this panel, but I’d heard about it several times by the time CBR posted its review. I was at DeConnick and G. Willow Wilson’s Carol Corps panel, which seemed very much in line with this. One thing I’m noticing this year is a demand on the part of female fans to be respected and included. A Carol Corp meet-and-greet was the kickoff event for the con. Everywhere I turned I saw a Captain Marvel or Miss Marvel. Female creators were celebrated, and female characters were a lot of the draw. It’s good news, as far as I’m concerned, and about time. Right now Marvel seems to be paying better attention to its female fans than DC, and that seems to be going well for them ($$$). Hopefully, the industry will take notice.


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