Hello, and welcome to “We Read Comics,” the University of Oregon Comics Reading Group’s new blog.  The “obvious” use of this blog is to provide a place to share who we are, what we do, and when we’re doing it. My hope is that this online component of our reading group will also provide a way for all of our members (scattered throughout various departments of the university) to keep in touch between meetings and share comics and university news…in other words, to be the silly, scholarly, comics-loving people we are.

If you are part of our reading group and have a WordPress account, please contact me to be added as an author of this blog!  If you don’t have a WordPress account, why not?  It’s free and pretty easy to use.

Here’s to a great year for CRG, a happy future for this blog, and a laid-back-as-possible start to the 2010-2011 school year.




  pillock wrote @

Hear, hear!

Pardon me for intruding. Would you mind if I made a suggestion or two for your blogroll? Jog also has his own long-running blog with lots of cool stuff on it, particularly manga reviews — Jog may be the best pure critic the comics-blogging world has got — he’s also a contributor to the excellent Comics Comics, additionally Marc Singer is a wonderful analyst, Matt Seneca is well worth reading, and of course it’d be absolute MADNESS for a courseblog to omit the great Eddie Campbell…among other things he’s put up scripts from “From Hell” and described what he did with them, how he approached them…but really that’s just about the least of the interesting stuff on his blog. Well, he’s Eddie Campbell, for God’s sake…!

I could go on a bit, but you’ve been patient enough already. Note how I cleverly loaded this comment up with links, so that it went to moderation? I don’t want to horn in on your guys’ action here, I just thought I’d try to help out since you’ve been so kind as to link me in such exalted company. And of course, the exalted-er I can help make it, the better for my ego!

Looks like a swell project you’ve got going here, I look forward to checking in and seeing what you’re up to!

  pillock wrote @

Sorry, I forgot…you’ll also likely want to check out my pal Dave Fiore, a very insightful guy with an almost too-scholarly bent…and, oh damn, this comment doesn’t have enough links in it to send to moderation! Okay, Paul Pope, Kate Beaton, and Derik Badman, there that oughtta do it…

Sorry for the mess.

Once again, best of luck here!

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